eConn Resume Parser Webservice UK is web based solution running...

eConn Resume Parser Webservice UK is web based solution running over soap. Any Soap client Viz. ASP, Java, JSP, ASP. net, Cold fusion, PHP, CGI, Paython, VB, VB.

net, C# any one can call this service and pass the URL of resume. This will parse the resume and return back the XML of resume. Latest Feature:More: Extraction of skills, experience and qualification are the new features in Webservices 2.

8Categorization: With the help of this feature you can able to know the person specialization in particular field. Fits for: Resume Parser Web service is fully suitable where you want to integrate your current website and online resume handling.

With in few minutes you can integrate your current online resume handling with Resume Parser and store the data into desired format. Input Parameter:URL of Resume which is uploaded on your web server.

License Key which is allocated by us. Out PutWithin few seconds, you will get message response sending back Parsed Contact information and text resume.

This you can use in your website for your ease. Other Main attractions:Install at your end- You install this at your end and use for unlimited time.

More Accurate- With time and training, now we are able to get more than 95% accuracy but still we claim 80% of accuracy. More scalable- With better memory management and processing speed, now it has capacity to run 24x7 and process resumes in tune of 100,000.

You can set it working for all your resumes and go for weekend vacation. More secure - You run our software on your own hardware, or on your customers hardware.

You never have to send your confidential resumes over the internet to a third party vendor. More affordable- We are the best and most affordable enterprise-class solution available.

No per-resume charges -- ever! Your costs are fixed, so as your volume scales, so does your profit. Easier to integrate- You can integrate it with your current database/ ERP application.




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